We are always happy to talk about our dogs, their backgrounds and our plans. Email is preferred since it gives us time to consider the conversation and reply properly.

If you are interested in a Kilnhurst pup from a future litter please read through the 'Credo' page (top menu) and the 'Puppies' section (down there at the bottom of the left hand menu) thoroughly.
If you are comfortable with our approach and ethics as the breeders of your next dog, please introduce yourself with an email containing a completed Questionnaire from the Puppy Application page.

Please note that we are unlikely to respond to puppy enquiries that arrive without a completed Application.

Privacy Notice

We exercise our right to privacy and our intellectual copyright over the written and photographic content of this website. We will take immediate and effective action against thieves who download and republish our material in any form. (Fellow UK breeders take note - we are fed up of seeing chunks of our text verbatim on your websites, and our pedigrees and photos used without permission on public databases.)
We are keen hobby photographers and the vast majority of the images on this site belong to us. If there are images or material here you wish to use, all you have to do is ask, we will have a much larger image file available here. Or if we have inadvertently failed to correctly credit an original source, please get in touch.

Photographic Acknowledgements

We are indebted to the commercial photographic talents of:

Sean Cameron of Sean Cameron Photographic ~ Jamie Whitehorn of Digitalpicy
Chris Tarling of Yellow Hound Photography ~ Nadia Douglas of Yellow Dog Photography
Maija Savijärvi of Maija Savijärvi Photography, Finland ~ Shannon Hume of TarynPhoto
Glynn Davies of Canine Capers ~ Fran Albisser of Basileas Photography
Fiona Flood of Hollycraig Photography ~ Chloe Brown of CSB Photography

and of course our many camera-wielding puppy owners who indulge us with so many lovely photos
- thank you.