"Do you know anybody who could foster a Chihuahua puppy over Christmas?" asked a local dog rescue organisation, who knew we already had Chihuahuas. Well of course we could. We'd never fostered before but harboured no doubts that we were open-hearted enough to give a pup a safe haven in which to weather out the storm of the holiday season and he'd find his forever home in the New Year.
A fourteen week old Dodge was delivered to the doorstep tucked into the jacket of the rescue representative, with just his head poking out above the zip. Two oversized, quivering ears, two big, round, tear-streaked eyes and a face like a busted boot. That was the precise moment our fostering career ended before it even really started. Welcome home, Dodge.

Dodge immediately set about claiming a place in the heart of the entire family. He's bright, quick, fun, affectionate and he's everybody's best playmate.
Despite being originally bought as a potential stud, Dodge's puppy teeth were a jumble, you wouldn't want a stud with a bite like that. This luckily self-corrected when his adult teeth came through and he now has a scissor bite to complement his lovely muscled physique, solid proportions and soft, rich, blue-sable coat.
Dodge is our little nugget of pure gold and the fools are us for thinking we could ever succeed as a foster!