Tebo is a fun, sparky and fabulous little guy. I'd always harboured a secret yen for a Chi, and when I saw Tebo's puppy photos, especially with his unusual collie-type markings, it was a done deal. Tebo captivates everybody with his bold, outgoing and charming personality. The most wonderful thing about Tebo is his perpetual happiness. You never find Tebo in a flat mood, he's always cheerful, full of fun and the number one lap-sitter. Being with Tebo is like walking around with your own personal ray of sunshine.

Tebo attended puppy and obedience classes and learned things with an astonishing speed which put some of the bigger dogs to shame, he even has his own skateboard. He is a complete showman and urban legend.

With no concept of his tiny size, Tebo believes himself to be a dog of giant proportions and great importance. He'll tackle anything, play with anything and is friends with everyone, except his nemesis the postman. It is impossible to set up a photoshoot without Tebo arriving on set and posing until he gets his photo taken, cameras and spotlights are magnets to him. I never imagined there could be so much fun, attitude and pizazz squished into such a small package. What a priceless gem this lad is.
Tebo was our first venture into the world of Chihuahuas but we were so quickly smitten that he was never destined to be our last.