Such was our delight with our first Chihuahua Tebo (not to mention the vast size of his fan club) it was purely a matter of time before Chihuahua number two arrived. I had been keeping a lookout for a little girl companion for a couple of years but things had never quite clicked and the right one just hadn't come along - I am nothing if not patient when it comes to waiting for perfection. My faith in the Scottish notion that 'Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye' was eventually rewarded when a friend forwarded a photo of Nilla who needed a new home and in that instant I knew the search was over. She came home the very next day.

Nilla is as charming in nature as she is in looks. Exquisitely pretty, she floats along like a little piece of gossamer, but her nimbleness and turn of speed when she sets off across the field, is explosive. She's a tough little athlete under that fluffy exterior!
Nilla has a sweet, affectionate, playful and inquisitive temperament - backed by a lot of brain power; this blonde is definitely a bombshell. Nilla loves to sit on laps, cuddles perfectly and plants the daintiest kisses on the end of noses. When she is pleased to see you or is asking to play she rises up on her hind legs, dances in circles and does a double wave with her front paws. Completely and utterly irresistible.