Resistance is futile, look at that face. Welcome to Rúni, a beautiful black bi-colour Longcoat girl who joined the clan in December 2022. Rúni is a bright, happy, affectionate and outgoing character who loves lap snuggles and our constant company. She plays enthusiastically with her big 'sister' Solar, you have to watch your step as they charge around the house at full speed enjoying exuberant games of tag.

The name Rúni is an Old Norse name deriving from the Ancient Germanic “rūnō”, meaning 'secret, secret lore, secret knowledge, magic.' Rúni is our little piece of black magic.

Rúni is a KC registered girl from a Polish import sire and a Russian import dam. With an illustrious pedigree packed full of European show Champions it is hoped that one day she might join Kodi as his travelling companion for shows and maybe even venture into the big show ring herself.

Rúni Stats

Date of birth
BVA eye test
due 2023
Patellas (Putnam 1968)
due 2023
Molera (Fontanelle)
due 2023