Tuxedo is our handsome Mini American boy from UK breeder Dunnellons. There was something about his newborn photographs that made an instant, vital connection. Tux has been described as having great 'presence' and that is absolutely what he has, by the bucket-load.
Tuxedo is named because of his classic, smart markings. His show-stopping good looks attract attention wherever he goes and his friendly and outgoing character has won him a small army of admirers. He's a wonderful ambassador for the breed and great fun to live with.

Tux competed in agility at Medium height, reaching KC G6 and achieving his Silver Agility Warrant before retirement.
Although he's a fantastic people-person, Tux doesn't like dogs who eyeball him and he's quite prepared to rise to a challenge if he feels one is being offered, which was an ongoing problem for him in agility with so many high-energy, hyped-up collies about.
This, along with some potential health issues, brought about the sad decision to not use him at stud as we had originally hoped.

Tuxedo Stats

Date of birth
BVA Hips (HD) 3:3
BVA Elbows (OCD) 1:1
BVA eye test cleared annually (most recent 18.05.2014, 2yrs)
DNA Clear (normal) for CEA/CH, HSF4, MDR1, IGS, DM
DNA Carrier for PRA
Tail long
Height 16.9", 43cm
Sire Boot Top's Ragin Red Cajun
Dam Dunnellon Gottabe Chelsea AW(B)